Friday, June 27, 2008

Capital Punishment!

I got a call from Newstalk 106 last week to discuss with Eamon Keane on their lunchtime show a survey they had done on different prices in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway. Overall it shows that the cost of fuel, hairdressing, cinema, drink and take-aways work out a lot more expensive in Dublin than in the other cities. For example, a wash, cut and blow dry costs on average €64.2o in Dublin, while it only costs €41.40 in Galway. A cheeseburger and chips costs €4.96 in the capital, while it is only €3.96 in Limerick. An adult evening ticket is €9.50 in Dublin, while only €8 in the "real capital" of Cork. But just in case Dublin people feel they are always getting ripped off, the price of petrol and diesel was cheapest in Dublin compared to the other three. In fact Galway came out worse here, with the highest prices for petrol and diesel at 135.9 and 145.7 respectively, interestingly the research found that of the 5 petrol stations surveyed, 4 had the same price while a fifth was slightly dearer. This highlights the lack of competition down there and is mirrored across the economy where lack of competition leads to higher prices and costs for consumers.

This survey matches the analysis by the CSO which also found that average price levels were 4.9% higher in Dublin. Funnily enough though, some products like flour, milk and bread are on average cheaper in Dublin. So while the consumers in the capital take the biggest hit in the pocket overall, there are some areas where they save money. Overall though as the ESRI report
confirmed last week, the celtic tiger era is over and inevitably some prices will have to fall if retailers and providers want to do business, because at current costs people do not have the disposable income they had previously.

Anyhow I am glad to say that I have survived my eight day in recession!

Aah the Good Old Days!!