Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cutting down on the overheads!!

Perhaps I will try this next time!

Well in these recessionary times we are all on the lookout to cut costs and for bargains. I pass through that boulevard of broken credit limits otherwise known as Grafton Street twice a day on the way to work, it always dangerous to stop there because you end up spending money! Anyhow to my surprise there was an offer of a free haircut there when I passed today. I noticed this before, but since I needed a cut and it generally costs me €13-€15 to get the job done thought it might be worth a try. So I thought practice what your preach Doorley!

Anyhow its a hairdressing training school and in return for the free haircut you are a guinea pig for a trainee hairdresser. Now my request is not too demanding, four on the back and side and trim the front and top. I am suffering a little from Androgenic Alopecia but not quite having to do the comb over just yet! My only request is that they don't take too much off otherwise my hair just stands up! I empathised with the trainee, she is only 3 weeks training and lacked the confidence to do all the job herself. It was fascinating listening to the interaction between tutor and student, he encouraging and challenging her at various times. She got a bit frustrated at times because she couldn't quite get the hang of some of the technics he was showing her. In the end he stepped in to finish off the job. It may have taken twice as long, but I am happy with the result. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but I got my hair cut for nothing and hopefully contributed something to the next generation of hairdressers. So folks there are savings and bargains to be got out there if you look!