Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not a perfect storm!

Vodafone will soon be launching their Blackberry Storm in Ireland. However it seems they will be charging Irish consumers a lot more for the phone and the tariffs than in the UK and on the continent. Thanks to for spotting this and the detailed analysis.

I am sure they will try and justify it on the basis of that costs are higher here, but of course all these companies forget to mention our very favourable corporate tax rate. Termination rates may be more expensive here, but definitely not six times more expensive. The data doesn't cost a cent more and we already know that the mobile companies here generate the second highest ARPU (average revenue per user) in Europe at €40.87 compared to an EU average of €25.99.

So as Keith says its another paddy tax on the Irish consumer. Obviosuly Vodafone believe that consumers here will pay more, only time will tell. The best way of course for consumers to apply pressure on Vodafone to reduce the price is to hold off on buying the product.