Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weston on target again!

Last autumn Charlie Weston in the Irish Indo doggedly pursued and exposed the banks for their failure to pass on the ECB rate cuts to hard pressed consumers. Eventually Charlie managed to shame most of the banks into treating their customers in a fair manner, which was the least we could expect given the bank guarantee scheme, otherwise known as the "no banker left behind" scheme.

Well Charlie is at it again, by highlighting the shameful failure of the banks to pass on the savings from the 5 cuts in the ECB rate to consumers on credit cards, personal loans and overdrafts. Financial institutions are also increasing charges and fees and on top of that they are reducing the rate paid to savers.

Irish banks as responsive as Carol to needs of consumers!

Basically the banks are making ordinary consumers pay for the sins of the golden circle and their feckless and reckless lending practices. This needs to be exposed and the Government needs to call in the bankers and tell them this is not acceptable. The impending regulatory reform of the financial services sector should serve as an opportunity to recast the banking system here so that we have banks that serve the needs of consumers, business and long term sustainable growth and not a small elite and short term profiteering.

Fair play to Charlie for exposing this rip-off. We need to keep a focus on this to shame the banks into treating consumers fairly.

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